Methodology projects 2020 approved

News publication date: 03 December 2019

We use methodology studies to improve the quality of DUS testing and to increase efficiency. The Board of Plant Varieties has approved 14 Naktuinbouw project proposals for 2020. There are also several international projects scheduled for 2020.

DNA lab

National projects

The budget that will be made available each year over the next ten years by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has been increased from € 171,000 to € 250,000. Bert Scholte, head of the Variety Testing Department: “This will enable Naktuinbouw to continue investing in improving the quality of DUS testing."
Raoul Haegens, project leader at Naktuinbouw, indicates that Dutch research organisations can submit projects for the improvement of DUS testing. There are around twenty projects nationally. He signals four important developments in this field:

  1. Expanding the reference collections with DNA. This is taking place in all sectors. Examples include hemp, grass, potatoes, but also roses and Phalaenopsis, onions, lettuce and beans.
  2. IT projects. This includes importing data from other databases and automatic import of variety descriptions
  3. Research into differences between distances between varieties. An example is the continuation of the study into the quality of DUS characteristics in tulips.
  4. Getting started with phenotyping: the objective and automated measurement of DUS characteristics.

International projects

The EU is financing a European project aimed at, among other things, phenotyping (INVITE). This is a five-year research project that focuses on improving value for cultivation and use (VCU) tests.

IMMODUS are projects financed by the CPVO. The focus of one of the IMMODUS projects is creating a database for melons. There are also DNA projects, one of which is tomatoes. On 9 and 10 December various international parties will meet to kick off the DNA-tomatoes project. The aim of this project is international harmonisation and validation of an SNP set for the management of the tomato reference collection.

Naktuinbouw is coordinating these international projects.

Tips or more information?

If you have any tips or would like more information about the various projects, please contact Raoul Haegens.