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New license for Post Entry Quarantine to import fruit varieties to the EU

Publicationdate: 30 januari 2024

For certain reasons the importation of plant material of fruit species to the EU is prohibited. EU regulators sets out higher phytosanitary risks measures to avoid introductions of (new) quarantine organisms to the EU. With a special license of the Dutch NPPO (NVWA), in most cases Naktuinbouw is able to import material with a Letter of Authority (LoA) through the Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility.

PEQ is for companies who want to import plant materials from third countries for breeding and testing within the EU. Every import contains a limited quantity of material that is at the very beginning of new developments.

Companies who want to import material to Europe apply for a request to Naktuinbouw. If the request fits within the scope of the license Naktuinbouw applies for a LoA at the NVWA. Material can be transported from the country of origin to Naktuinbouw with this LoA. A phytosanitary certificate is not required.

In the last year Naktuinbouw has developed for fruit species under supervision of the NVWA a risk-based process for PEQ. After the material is received in the Laboratory a screening on quarantine organisms follows. Once the results are available and show absence of quarantine organisms the material can proceed to the next process of plant growth, evaluation and assessed. Once a variety has passed the whole PEQ process successfully the NVWA is in charge of releasing the material. After this, the materials are ready for further distribution within the EU.

If you have any questions, please contact Naktuinbouw.

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