Varietal trueness and varietal purity

Naktuinbouw has facilities to perform a range of tests on vegetable varieties. The vegetable seed samples or vegetable plants can be tested on varietal trueness and varietal purity. Seeds or plants from a batch are included in a trial for this purpose.

About the test

You can supply seeds or plants yourself or the Naktuinbouw inspector can perform a sampling on your request, so that you will get a report of the entire batch of seeds or plants. At a time when a good examination will be possible, Naktuinbouw invites you to visit the trials together with employees of Variety Testing.

Naktuinbouw will issue a written report after the test. The cost of the test depends on the number of plants required. A standard number will usually be sufficient to determine varietal trueness, but a double number of plants is desirable to determine varietal purity. Sampling costs are charged separately.

A trial under artificial light in the winter period is also possible for onion, beetroot and carrot. You can expect these results after about 3 months after sowing. This trial has a special fee.


Please refer to the fees Variety Testing 2023.

If you think DNA testing is needed to establish the identity of material: Naktuinbouw is well equipped for this service too. The combination of DNA testing and testing at the trial facility is often recognised in a legal case. Naktuinbouw Variety Tracer is ready to help you.

Fewer seed treatments allowed due to revised EU implementing regulations: please pay attention to treated seeds!

The Inspections and Variety Testing Departments do not accept submitted vegetable seed samples treated with insecticides or Thiram. Pills or primed seeds may be less suitable for certain tests. Due to revised EU implementing regulations, fewer treatments are accepted. A current overview can be found here: overview seed disinfectants and seed treatments.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

At what time do I supply the seeds or plant material?

This is depending on the crop. We try to include your material in the regular trials. When this is not possible, we can do a trial especially for you. In this case we possibly will make you a quote.

How much time does the examination take?

The duration of the trial is different for each crop. We will inform you about when you can expect the result.

How do I apply for a sampling?

You can contact the Inspections department. They will arrange the sampling at your premisses.