Calibration books and calibration manuals Variety Testing

For both Plant Breeders' Rights and/or listing on the National list and the drafting of variety descriptions, the variety testing is based on CPVO protocols and/or UPOV guidelines. Naktuinbouw has developed calibration books for many crops. The calibration manuals were developed in cooperation with Japan. 

The calibration book and calibration manual are practical documents that provide illustrated explanations for each plant characteristic.

A calibration book or calibration manual is available of the crops listed below in English or Dutch:

Crop and languageBased on CPVO protocol and/or UPOV guideline
Vegetable crops
Bean (English)
CPVO protocol TP/12/4 and UPOV guideline TG/12/9
Cabbage (English)
CPVO protocol TP/48/2 and UPOV guideline TG/48/7
Carrot (English)
CPVO protocol TP/49/3 and UPOV guideline TG/49/8
Cauliflower (English)
CPVO protocol TP/45/1 and UPOV guideline TG/45/7
Celery (English)
CPVO protocol TP/82/1 and UPOV guideline TG/82/4
Chinese cabbage (English)
CPVO protocol TP/105/1 and UPOV guideline TG/105/4
Cucumber and gherkin (English)
CPVO protocol TP/61/2 and UPOV guideline TG/61/7
Eggplant (English manual)
UPOV guideline TG/117/4
Endive (English)
CPVO protocol TP/118/2 and UPOV guideline TG/118/4
Leek (English)
CPVO protocol TP/85/2 and UPOV guideline TG/85/7
Lettuce (English manual)
UPOV guideline TG/13/11 Rev.2
Melon (English)
CPVO protocol TP/104/2 and UPOV guideline TG/104/5
Onion and shallot (English)
CPVO protocol TP/46/2 and UPOV guideline TG/46/7
Pepper (English)
CPVO protocol TP/076/2 and UPOV guideline TG/76/8
Savoy cabbage (English)
CPVO protocol TP/48/2 and UPOV guideline TG/48/7
Spinach (English)
CPVO protocol TP/55/3 and UPOV guideline TG/55/7
Squash (English)
CPVO protocol TP/119/1 and UPOV guideline TG/119/4
Tomato (English manual)
CPVO protocol TP/44/4 and UPOV guideline TG/44/11
Watermelon (English manual)
CPVO protocol TP/142/1 and UPOV guideline TG/142/4
Agricultural crop
Potato (revised version expected in 2024)
CPVO protocol TP/23/3 and/or UPOV guideline TG/23/7
Ornamental crops
Amaryllis (Dutch)
CPVO protocol TP/181/1 and UPOV guideline TG/181/3
Anthurium (English manual)
UPOV guideline TG/86/5 Corr.
Chrysanthemum (English manual)
UPOV guideline TG/26/5 Corr.2
Dianthus (English manual)
UPOV guideline TG/25/9
Gerbera (English manual)
CPVO protocol TP/77/1 and UPOV guideline TG/77/9
Hypericum (Dutch)
CPVO protocol TP/216/1 and UPOV guideline TG/216/1
Phalaenopsis (English)
CPVO protocol TP/213/2
Rose (English manual)
CPVO protocol TP/011/2 Rev and UPOV guideline TG/11/8/rev
Spathiphyllum (English)
CPVO protocol TP/135/1 and UPOV guideline TG/135/3
Tulip (English manual)
UPOV guideline TG/115/4
Verbena (English manual)UPOV guideline TG/220/1