About Naktuinbouw

The Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture is called Naktuinbouw.

Daily organisation

Naktuinbouw assesses the identity, quality and health of propagating material. We do this through research, inspections and tests.

Dutch horticulture leads the world. The Netherlands enjoys a national and international reputation for the quality of its seed and plant material. Growers and breeders create new varieties and provide reliable, healthy propagating material such as seeds, cuttings and young plants. We test varieties, perform inspections of seed and plant material and test material for pests and diseases so that entrepreneurs in the horticultural sector can trade their plant material worldwide. Together with national and international companies, organisations and governments we share our knowledge and expertise to promote learning and innovation. Providing the horticultural sector all over the world with good, healthy and reliable, high-quality propagating material and suitable varieties. That is what we stand for!

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