Authorisation: marketing material of not yet listed varieties

The EU directive 2004/842/EC (January 2005) allows the authorised marketing of material from varieties that have not yet been officially registered within the EU. The aim of the regulation is to gain practical experience with the new breed. Applications for authorisation are accepted for all varieties under application for authorisation, regardless of whether the basic material is generative (seed) or vegetative. 

About the regulation

Naktuinbouw is responsible for granting the authorisation for vegetable varieties in the Netherlands. Vegetable seeds covered by this regulation are recognizable in the market by the imprint on the packaging: 'variety not yet officially listed'.

Varieties with an application for authorisation are given the attribute 'notified' in the EU. Applications are then notified to all EU member states. If there are no objections, the decision to authorise for one year usually follows two weeks later. Extension of the authorisation for up to two years is possible. 

The authorisations granted by Naktuinbouw only relates to vegetable seeds marketed by Dutch companies or establishments registered with Naktuinbouw. The companies receive a written confirmation with the authorisation data. 

NAK is responsible for granting the authorisation for agricultural varieties in the Netherlands. For more information on the procedure and implementation of authorisation for agricultural varieties, please contact the NAK.

Please refer to the overview of all authorised varieties for vegetable varieties:


Overview of all authorised varieties


The authorisation expires immediately if the application for listing of the variety is withdrawn or rejected. If a company re-applies this variety for listing, the granting of a new authorisation is not self-evident. Naktuinbouw decides on this based on the results of the DUS testing, taking into account the maximum period allowed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can apply for authorisation by just ticking the box on the Plant Breeders' Rights and/or Authorisation application form. If you wish to apply for authorisation at a later stage, you can send this form to us by e-mail. 

Please refer to this link for the full text of the Decision (2004/842/EC). 

These can be found on this page: Authorisation: marketing material not yet listed varieties, paragraph "About the regulation".

Inspections provides the work for authorisation of your vegetable variety. You can find the application fee here, see page 12. 

Yes, an additional fee will be charged for samples which have been sowed for the authorisation request according to the fees Variety Testing 2024.