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New real-time RT-PCR test for plant material Cannabaceae

Publicationdate: 29 januari 2024

As of January 1, we introduce a new real-time RT-PCR to test for the presence or absence of Hop latent viroid (HLVd) in hemp (Cannabaceae) plant material. This makes it possible to test all the pathogens mentioned below on this crop with real-time RT-PCR.

The real-time RT-PCR is a technique for rapid amplification of RNA

This is done with the help of pathogen-specific building blocks. The amplification in RNA can be monitored digitally at any time. This makes it possible to confirm quicker and with more certainty whether the pathogen is present.

Hop latent viroid

Hop latent viroid (HLVd) is a viroid that regularly is present in (medicinal) hemp. In hemp it can cause stunting and – in some cases - failure of rooting cuttings. However, the viroid can also be symptomless. HLVd is mechanically transmitted, which means that plants can be infected with infected plant sap. The viroid can reach high concentrations in a plant, which increases the risk of mechanical transmission.

Careful sampling is very important, on the one hand, to avoid infection of a healthy plant during the sampling proces, on the other hand, because PCR is a sensitive method and low HLVd concentrations can be detected (contamination). The test result therefore includes a category “inconclusive”, indicating that a low HLVd concentration is found. This could indicate that there might be a sampling issue or that it is the onset of an HLVd infection.

  • HLVd in plant material of Cannabaceae
    • Sample: Max. 25 leaves or roots
    • Rate PCR test: € 57
    • Duration test: 4 days
  • AMV, ArMV, CMV, HLVd, ToRSV, TRSV, TSV in plant material of Cannabaceae
    • Monster: Max. 25 leaves or roots
    • Rate PCR test: € 125
    • Duration test: 4 days

For basic rates, see price list 2024.

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