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Potyvirus PCR test for Mandevilla, Oxalis and Scaevola

Publicatiedatum: 17 januari 2024

We no longer perform the Potyvirus tests with ELISA for the crops Mandevilla, Oxalis and Scaevola. The ELISA test does not adequately meet our test requirements for these crops as some Potyvirusses with ELISA could be missed. That is why Naktuinbouw Laboratoria has decided to stop offering this for these crops.

Various problems in these crops

A number of important Potyviruses can be missed with our ELISA test in Mandevilla and Oxalis. For example, the ELISA in Mandevilla misses the Potyvirus Catharanthus mosaic virus. For the Oxalis crop we miss important Potyviruses with ELISA, including Shamrock chlorotic ringspot virus. Scaevola provides a lot of background, which makes it difficult to give a result. All these problems are solved with our PCR test

Potyvirus PCR

  • Sample: 1-25 leaves
  • Rate test: € 62,50
  • Duration test: 4 days

For basic rates, see the price list 2024.

Naktuinbouw Laboratories supports the sector

To support the sector, Naktuinbouw Laboratories continues to develop new tests that can support diagnosis on plants with symptoms or, on the other hand, check and guarantee freedom from certain viruses.

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