Seed analysis

Naktuinbouw can provide quality and purity measurements for seeds of flowers and herbaceous plants (vegetables and trees). In the germination power test we determine the maximum germination potential of your lot of seed. This germination rate can be used to compare the quality of different seed lots and also provides insight into the value of a lot.

About the test

Tests for germinating power, moisture content, purity, tetrazolium and the presence of weed seeds in lots of seed are conducted under ISTA accreditation. For this purpose, the laboratory uses the methods described by ISTA (International Seed Testing Association). Table 5A of the ISTA rules sets out the methods that can be used for germination power testing on a crop-by-crop basis. In many cases there is a choice of several different methods.

As a rule, Naktuinbouw uses the method that results in the highest germination rate. If you want us to use a different method, please state this clearly on the submission form.

You will receive the results on a Naktuinbouw Laboratory Certificate or an orange or blue ISTA certificate. The test must therefore comply with the ISTA International Rules for Seed Testing.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the minimum germination rate subject to any directives or legislation?

No specific directives or legislation apply. The specific requirements are set by companies themselves.


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