Testing Laboratory update portfolio with waiting and processing times

News publication date: 25 August 2021

The Testing Laboratory has expanded the price list. It now also contains information about the waiting and processing times of the regular short-term tests.

Long-term assessments (pathway assignments) or customized assignments (research or diagnostics) are not taken into account.

Er komt een monster binnen bij het Toetslaboratorium

Waiting times

Waiting time is the time from the moment we receive the sample until the moment the test starts. We need that time to receive the sample, register it, check the quality, split (if necessary) and prepare for testing. We try to minimise waiting times and do all possible not to exceed 15 working days.

Lead times

The lead time is the time between starting the test and sending the result certificate. Depending on the test method, fixed times are applicable.

The leadtime for an application with a combination of several tests can be difficult to determine. For these applications, we look at the most logical turnaround time.

You can help us to keep our waiting times short

Register your samples with us before sending them. This can be done at the Planning Department of the testing laboratory. This is especially important for larger batches of samples.

Effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on waiting times and lead times

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a high demand for plastics and ingredients for PCR in the past year. Fortunately, the impact on lead times has been small. This is due to good stock management and finding reliable alternatives in time.

At the moment we start 90% of the tests within 10 working days and 95% within 15 working days.


* For basic fees, see the 2021 price list.