Elite certification granted to Sakata Ornamental Europe

News publication date: 11 July 2018

On 12 June, Sakata Ornamental Europe received the participant's certificate for 'Naktuinbouw Elite Ornamental Crops' during the Flower Trials event. 

Sakata Ornamental has ensured that its site in Marslev, Denmark has worked in full compliance with the standards of the Naktuinbouw Elite Ornamental Crops quality system over the recent period. The staff and management have made every effort to ensure that responsible methods are used to market their products from the breeding line disease-free. To achieve this, they used methods including the protocols and expertise outlined in the Naktuinbouw Elite regulations. For the time being certification only applies to plants obtained from tissue culture, but it can also be extended to cover vivo material in the future.

It is a credit to the company that is willing to undergo extra inspection by an independent organisation such as Naktuinbouw. The certificate provides the additional assurance necessary for the supply chain of propagators to produce disease-free plants.