Improved protocol CGMMV and SqMV cucurbit seeds

News publication date: 11 May 2022

In the constant improvement of our protocols, we would like to inform you of an improvement in our ELISA protocol for the detection of CGMMV and SqMV in cucurbit seeds.

ELISA is a serological method to determine the presence of viruses. In this process, in several successive steps, any virus present in seed extract is bound as a “topping” between two “slices of bread”, in this case virus-specific antibodies. Ultimately, the liquid in the wells turns yellower when more virus is present in the seed extract.

Non-specific binding of antibodies can lead to unwanted yellowing (noise) and this phenomenon is minimized by extensive washing of ELISA plates between the different incubation steps.

There are several ELISA formats in which incubation of virus and antibodies takes place simultaneously or sequentially. Research has shown that an adapted ELISA format (sequential steps) in combination with an improved plate washing procedure has further increased the robustness of the above-mentioned tests.

A retrospective analysis also showed that no incorrect results were issued with the previously used test protocol. With the improved test format, interpretation will be easier and results will be available more quickly.

  • CGMMV or SqMV on cucurbit seeds
    • Sample: 2,000 seeds
    • Price test: € 255,00
    • Duration test: 4 days


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