Renovation of laboratories completed

News publication date: 03 September 2021

Over the past year, Naktuinbouw has renovated both the R&D and the Testing Laboratory.

Verbouwing laboratoria afgerond

Research & Development Laboratory

The R&D laboratory has had major maintenance. In addition the access to the laboratory has been adjusted and the storage area of the collections of pathogens for research has been improved. Furthermore, we built several PCR rooms. We are now prepared for the increase in the development of sensitive molecular techniques. And we can prevent cross-contamination when receiving (unknown) diagnostic samples.

Testing laboratory

In 2019 our Seed Analysis department has been moved to a new and modern facility. This gave us the opportunity for a better set up of the original laboratory. We have set up laboratory areas at BPL2 and BPL1 level.

We can safely receive and unpack samples in a separate room. The sample preparation area has been enlarged. We have expanded the space for PCR tests, taking the future need for PCR tests into consideration.

Special laboratory BPL3

In the special laboratory with containment level BPL3, we can receive, inspect and release high-risk material for further investigation. In case of outbreaks of high-risk pathogens, we have the facilities here to conduct research and testing. A 40m2 portakabin has been installed, which meets all the requirements. This replaces the existing portakabin that became too small.


The laboratory has a new water fumigator. This disinfects waste water with ozone and a heat treatment. This way we can dispose our waste water in a clean way without risk of introducing pathogens into the environment.