Confirmation tests for health tests no longer on the list of fees for Laboratories in 2022

News publication date: 17 December 2021

Naktuinbouw Laboratories updated their portfolio and made it more transparent. For health tests the fee for confirmation tests is included in the standard test to make it more transparent for the customer. For germination, purity tests or research projects this is not applicable.


Confirmation tests

A confirmation test is a test executed if there is a suspect found in the basic test, which needs further investigation. Different techniques as PCR, microscopic observation or bio-assay can be used for this.

In the past this was charged to the customer afterwards, based on execution. but  Customers could be surprised afterwards as it wasn’t clear on forehand if there was a confirmation test needed.

We have done an analysis on the frequency of occurrence and based on that we included a standard fee in the basic test. So from January 2022 customers will no longer be surprised afterwards and the portfolio is more transparent. Yearly we will make a new analysis if there is a big shift observed and that will be calculated in the price.


A few confirmation tests are exceptions and still can be requested separately. These exceptions will be charged individually. This applies for two type of confirmation tests:

  1. Confirmation tests executed infrequently as the pathogenicity tests for Acidovorax citrulli and Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis.
  2. Confirmation tests of quarantine organisms, which we are obliged to outsource to the NPPO.


* For basic fees, see the Price list Laboratories 2022.