Harmorescoll towards a European platform to improve resistance testing for DUS-testing

News publication date: 26 November 2020

Last October, project Harmorescoll had their first annual meeting, online, with 22 attendants. The project has started by consulting CPVO protocols and UPOV guidelines to define reference material needed: 145 isolates of 58 plant pathogen and pest species and 455 varieties of 15 crops.


Once a year, all participants meet to discuss the progress, and to set the goals for the next year. Next, we will investigate the availability, in sufficient quantity,  of the necessary reference materials in existing initiatives or collections. A set of rules for their validation has been drafted. Next steps will define conditions of delivery, and organization of a series of validation tests in examination offices and seed companies. Finally, we will set up an organization to ensure that the validated materials become and remain available for DUS.


About the project

Harmorescoll is a European project aimed at setting up a system for harmonized reference collections of isolates, standard varieties, and differential sets. The goal is to  improve the availability of reference materials (controls, differentials, isolates) in DUS resistance tests.

The project is co-funded by CPVO and led by GEVES and Naktuinbouw, with members of other European examination offices and the seed industry. It was launched in March 2020.

Source: ResearchGate