Authorized field inspector

In this training you will become acquainted with the basic principles of field inspection. You will learn what the basic rules are of crop monitoring, checking seed and/or plant productions compliant to healthiness, purity and weeds. And also what this means for your companies implementation and/or the NAFI requirements. You learn to identify threats, weigh them in risks, in order to analyze and to formulate control measures. You will practice and conduct an inspection in Naktuinbouw greenhouses. Taking representative samples and assess deviations in the inspection will be part of the content as well as awareness and importance of good hygiene.

After this training you will be able to make a reliable statement regarding a plot that is representative to the seed and/or plant production in case.

Starting date: 
On request

Target group

Field inspectors of propagation material (seed and/or plant)

The training ends with a practice exam. Passing the exam leads to a certificate (e.g. needed for field inspector according NAFI).

Date and location

Duration: 2 day training course and an hour exam per person on day 3.

Training is on request available.

Location Naktuinbouw, Roelofarendsveen, the Netherlands



A mixture of theoretical introductions and practical cases, exercises, assignments and discussions. The course will be given in English.


  • Core values of an inspection
  • Performing an inspection
    • Quantity
    • Frequency
    • Time frames
    • Scope
  • Requirements for the person carrying out a crop inspection
  • Life and spread of pests and diseases
  • Detection of pathogens
  • Crop monitoring
  • Taking a sample (incl. Packing and shipment).
  • Risk assessments / control measures
  • Inspection in relation to the process of crop production: determine desirable inspection moments
  • Hygiene: access to the production and in the process
  • Quality assurance
  • Practical: field inspection on location Naktuinbouw
  • Reporting and decision making
  • Practical exam

 Certificate: after a successful and satisfying test result (exam), you will receive a certificate.


2021: The Training fee is €1150,-. The fee includes course related costs such as materials, exam, catering and administration, but excludes board and lodging and VAT.

2022: training fee will be announced



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