Working with the Digital Seed Atlas - an online introductory training

In this training you will learn how plant species are classified and how they are named. You will learn about the structure of seeds and fruits and practice using the necessary terms for the parts we can distinguish. You will learn to independently consult books and websites that will help you to find the correct name for the (flower) seeds and fruits.

Photos and samples of different types of seeds and fruits support this introduction. We also discuss whether and when material is still germinating and can grow into a new plant.

Starting date: on request 

Target group

The training is for laboratory technicians and employees who start with the identification of seeds.
Other interested parties can also participate.
No specific prior knowledge is required.

Date and location
Date: On request 
Duration: One day online training from 09.00 till 16.30 hours p.m.
Location: This training will be provided online in the Naktuinbouw Academy.

For the online session, a laptop/computer with camera and speaker and access to MS Teams is required. We strongly advise every student to participate in a separate room, otherwise the sound will buzz around.


This 1-day training consists of four blocks of 75 minutes each, in which we give 50 minutes of theory/lesson and discuss this with the group for 25 minutes. In between there are long breaks with a few assignments.

Learning goals

  • After the training you will understand the structure of a scientific plant name (of family, genus, species and subspecies/variety) and the commonly used abbreviations.
  • You do know the difference between a valid name and a synonym and can you consult a website that allows you to review synonyms.
  • You do recognize different terms for parts of a seed or fruit that are important for determining it.
  • You do know a number of different tools that you can use independently to determine seeds and fruits.
  • You have built up knowledge about which parts of a seed or fruit must be intact in order to be able to germinate and form a new plant.

Training fee:  costs have to be determined

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