Another test for export Anthurium to Taiwan and South-Korea

News publication date: 25 July 2022

To support export of Anthurium to Taiwan and South-Korea, companies are tested for Radopholus annually. The amount of material that must be sampled for this deviates from the regular sample size. You need six times as much material. Naktuinbouw Laboratories has therefore set up a separate test to support the sector.


Another test to detect Radopholus in a fast way

For various reasons, countries sometimes request for a larger amount of material to be tested in order to be more sure of the absence of a pathogen. Although the standard sample sizes are sufficient to demonstrate the absence. To comply with market access legislation, a larger amount of sample is compulsory, because it is a country requirement.

While the isolation with the fog method depends on the motility of nematodes, the centrifugation method is faster. The nematodes are thus actively removed from the plant material.

  • Radopholus on Anthurium plant samples for export to Taiwan or South-Korea
    • Test code: NEMA RADO 60
    • Sample: 60 gram
    • Test rate: € 195,00
    • Duration test: 3 days


* For basic fees see price list 2022.