Who we are

In our laboratory we perform tests to identify plant and propagating material and to determine its quality and health. Seeds and plants which look perfectly normal from the outside may still have quality defects. They may also be carrying hazardous viruses, bacteria, fungi or other pathogens. We help you obtain more certainty about your material.

Test laboratory

We examine propagating material for harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes or other organisms. To do this we use a range of techniques, including PCR, ELISA, bioassays and the plating method.









Number of tests performed on nematodes, fungi, bacteria, viruses and seed analyses in 2020



DNA level identification (Variety Tracer)

We use DNA techniquesVariety Tracer to determine the identity of a plant (or other organism). By analysing DNA we can ascertain how many varieties or species are similar to or differ from each other. This gives you an understanding of the genetic relationship or diversity of your sample.

Diagnostics and R&D

We develop new tests for our Test Laboratory and validate existing and developed testing methods, enabling us to build a bridge between science and practice. The horticultural sector regularly encounters new plant diseases. Our diagnostic researchers diagnose diseased plant material from trees, vegetables, flowers and bulbs. We work closely with internal and external specialists from the Netherlands and abroad.



Number of diagnostic tests performed in 2020


Number of tests performed in 2020 by R & D


Test Centre in Horst

Our Test Centre in Horst produces virus-free propagating material from fruit crops and ornamental trees. The tests carried out there confirm the health status of the material. We continuously maintain high-quality propagating material ready for our clients.






Number of different tests at our Test Centre in Horst in 2020


With our expertise, facilities and testing instruments, our laboratories can provide certainty as to the quality of your propagating material. If our standard laboratory tests are not sufficient, we use test plants to detect pathogens and then make a diagnosis.

Seed analysis

We also determine the quality and purity of seeds of flowers, vegetables, trees and herbaceous plants. In the germination power test we determine the maximum germination potential of your lot of seed. You can then use the score of the test to compare the quality of different lots and to indicate the value of a lot.

Resistance testing

Resistance tests are carried out by our Variety Testing Department. On this page you will find additional important information about resistance testing.


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