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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about test results.

About the test

My results state that my bean sample is overgrown with saprophytes. What can I do?

Leave the lot for a few months, then send a sample again. Saprophytes cannot survive on bean seeds for long.

My results state that my sample is overgrown with saprophytic bacteria or fungi. What does this mean?

Saprophytic bacteria or fungi are harmless organisms that sometimes naturally occur on seeds. If these saprophytes are present in high numbers, this may disturb the culture method. This means there is a considerable risk that an assessment of that test will no longer be possible.

My results state that my tomato sample is overgrown with saprophytes. How is that possible?

Drying after HCl treatment must be done quickly. If the drying process takes too long, the risk of saprophytic bacteria and fungi growing is too high.

Pectinase treatment is also an option. This is faster and reduces the exposure time and the growth of saprophytes.

What does the result 'Follow-up test' on my certificate mean?

The test where this is mentioned is the basic test. Suspicious values were found in this test and a (an additional) validation test was performed. You can find this on the certificate with the same sample, but it states a different technique. The result of this is leading.

My certificate shows incorrect details. Can this be amended?

Certain amendments can be made after a certificate has been issued. Please send a request to Laboratory Support team:

According to our ISO certification, we are obliged to change the version number on the new certificate. It also states which amendments have been made.