Memorandum of Understanding

News publication date: 17 June 2022

This week Naktuinbouw and the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation and information exchange both in the fields of inspections, disease analysis, Plant Breeders’ Rights protection and the registration of new varieties, as well as serve as a basis for the development of close mutually beneficial relations.

MoU Kazachstan

For example Naktuinbouw will share knowledge with Kazakhstan in:

  • Seminars
  • Trainings:  on Plant Breeders’ Rights (UPOV), variety testing (DUS) and national registration of new varieties)
  • Advanced training courses: for inspectors and laboratory staff of the Kazakh Research Institute of Fruit and Vegetable Research (LLP)on ‘Fruit certification system’
  • Consultations
  • Field Days, etc
  • Distribution of printed literature in the form of recommendations, booklets, brochures, posters, etc
  • Developing e-learning tools and content (videos, etc)

The parties may cooperate in other areas that do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the legislation of the Netherlands.