Changes in the R&D laboratory

News publication date: 11 November 2020

This autumn we implemented some changes to our R&D laboratory. This enables us to continue to meet the highest standards set by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) for laboratories.

For example, the air treatment system for under pressure has been modified to maintain the desired under pressure and to filter the extracted air. The air conditioning system has been replaced to create an optimal and uniform climate. Modifications have also been made to the water purification system and controlled access. In addition, we are setting up two new areas specifically for PCR activities.

We are now future proof

The task of our R&D team is to translate developments into practice. The team responds to on-going developments by improving and renewing test methods and developing new techniques. Every day our researchers work on innovations in laboratory tests and validation methods. They also engage in projects for or in cooperation with universities and/or the business sector. The R&D team also performs diagnostic testing. Together with the test laboratory, the team supports the NVWA in tracing assignments during outbreaks of infections, such as ToBRFV. These modifications have completely updated our R&D facilities and made us future proof for the coming years.

Renovations in the test laboratory

Our test laboratory has grown considerably recently, in terms of both the number of tests and employees. The laboratory facilities for the test laboratory must also be up-to-date and comply with the most stringent safety and quality standards and requirements. More space is also needed to work safely. For these reasons, we will be making some changes to our test laboratory this autumn. The first renovations in our test laboratory have started. You can expect further information from us at the end of 2020.