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Restructuring customer contact and processes

Publicatiedatum: 16 januari 2024

One of the ambitions of Naktuinbouw is to work more customer-oriented. To realise this ambition, we worked on improving our customer processes over the past year. Starting from January 1st, we operate from units focused on the key customer processes, which are our daily tasks.

We aim to be agile to improve our processes and adapt to customer needs or comply with legal requirements. From January 1st, we initiated units focused on our activities.

We introduce the unit managers responsible for the execution

  • Unit Rassenonderzoek (Variety Testing): Armanda Boere
    This unit focuses on DUS (Distinctness, Uniformity, and Stability) examination of the identity of plant varieties. It also involves determining the identity of material, assessing resistances, and conducting research on varietal purity and varietal trueness.
    More about the activities of this unit.
  • Unit Bedrijfskeuringen (Business Inspections): Erik van Ede
    Companies based in the Netherlands must register with Naktuinbouw to trade plant material within the EU.
    The Business Inspections unit oversees the operations of registered companies, including aspects such as administration, business hygiene, in-house quality controls, and product traceability with a plant passport.
    More about the activities of this unit.
  • Unit Import & Export: Edwin Egthuijsen
    Import and export inspections of plant material are necessary for materials coming from outside the EU (third countries) and those being exported to third countries.- Naktuinbouw is responsible for import inspections, and export inspections are carried out under the authority of the Food Consumer and Safety Authority.
    More about the activities of this unit (only in Dutch available, please translate in your browser).
  • Unit Bedrijfserkenningen (Business Accreditations): Peter van Duin
    When a company meets the conditions of an accreditation system, the results can be adopted by the Business Accreditations unit (International Systems).
    This unit also handles the issuance of certificates for material meeting the accreditation conditions.
    More about the activities of this unit.
  • Unit Fytopathologie (Phytopathology): Albert Meijerink
    Phytopathology assesses the quality of seed and plant material for the presence of viruses, viroids, bacterial diseases, phytoplasmas, fungi, and nematodes. These tests ensure the health of planting material.
    More about the activities of this unit.
  • Unit Identiteit & Kwaliteitstoetsingen (Identity & Quality Assessments): Michel Ebskamp
    This unit assesses planting material for identity and quality, conducting genetic identification, and assessing seed quality and purity.
    It also performs diagnostic research in case of issues and manages the import of planting material from third countries, including material disinfection.
    The unit includes a bioinformatics team facilitating and developing data analysis.

About Naktuinbouw
Dutch horticulture leads the world. The Netherlands enjoys a national and international reputation for the quality of its seed and plant material. Growers and breeders create new varieties and provide reliable, healthy propagating material such as seeds, cuttings and young plants. We test varieties, perform inspections of seed and plant material and test material for pests and diseases so that entrepreneurs in the horticultural sector can trade their plant material worldwide. Together with national and international companies, organisations and governments we share our knowledge and expertise to promote learning and innovation. Providing the horticultural sector all over the world with good, healthy and reliable, high-quality propagating material and suitable varieties. That is what we stand for!

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