Future Organisation Naktuinbouw (TON) takes shape

We are a knowledge organisation and respond to the developments we will be facing going forward. To equip our organisation for these challenges, we drafted the Naktuinbouw Next Level strategic plan a few years ago. Key objectives in this plan are working in a way that is client-oriented and results-oriented. We are working towards a process-oriented structure based around the needs of our clients. To attain the Next Level, we intend to work smarter - including with our clients - apply new technologies and invest in employee development.

The TON2024 programme provides a framework for us to create the optimal organisational and management structure together.  In 2023 we defined the management and team structure. Digitization and computerization are receiving more attention in this regard. We appointed a manager for this new department. A manager was also appointed for the new Company Accreditation Unit. In the autumn, various pilot teams from different departments participated in learning more about self-organisation and how this more autonomous approach can be applied at our company. The employees were kept informed of the processes, outcomes and experiences throughout the year.

From 1 January 2024, we will operate according to our new organisational structure and self-organisation will be applied more often. The TON2024 programme concluded at the end of December.

Works Council

In 2023, a member of the Works Council left Naktuinbouw. This position was quickly filled again, so that the Works Council is complete again. In 2023, the Works Council approved a revised absenteeism policy, training policy and diversity policy.  He also issued advice on seven topics: six for the TON2024 programme and one for sustainability. In addition, the Works Council paid a lot of attention to the organisational transition and the employee experience survey.

The Works Council participated in training in 2023 and as a result has identified key areas. Annual consultation with all Works Councils of the six Autonomous Public Bodies was also initiated. A recurring theme is the collective labour agreement and sustainability.

Diversity and inclusion

Naktuinbouw creates an environment where people feel safe, fit and at home. An environment that inspires you to grow and develop and where you remain involved in your personal goals. The diversity policy aims to provide everyone with equal opportunities to develop regardless of their background and different views of life. The inclusion policy helps everyone feel safe and at home at Naktuinbouw.

In 2023 our diversity and inclusion policy was adopted by the board and the Works Council. In October we flew the rainbow flag on Coming Out Day. Our recruitment and selection methods are focused on increasing diversity.

Code of Conduct

We believe in the importance of cultivating an atmosphere of openness, safety and trust. Our Naktuinbouw Code of Conduct is a compass that describes the agreements that exist mutually between employees concerning behaviour inside and outside our organisation.

In November 2023, we evaluated the Naktuinbouw Code of Conduct with the working party that consists of colleagues representing different teams from all departments. This evaluation proposed an addition to the e-learning unit. The working group also submitted a proposal to update a number of sections in our Code of Conduct. These amendments were implemented at the end of 2023. 

Safe working

Employees can report incidents, accidents and near-misses at the workplace. We use these signals to the improve occupational safety standards at Naktuinbouw. In 2023 we recorded 13 incidents, near-misses and accidents/unsafe situations (32 in 2022). We saw a further decrease in the numbers thanks to structural solutions, a faster response to signals and more Occupational Health and Safety inspections in our laboratories. Encouraging notifications at other departments will receive additional attention in 2024.

The confidential counsellors received a total of six reports in 2023. In all cases, a listening ear was sufficient and no further action was initiated.

Our ERS organisation consists of 26 employees. Every year, our ERS team refreshes its first aid and emergency response skills by following training. This keeps the team up to date with the latest developments and regulations, and enables skills such as resuscitation and extinguishing small fires to be practiced. We organised a resuscitation training, attended by no fewer than 100 colleagues. Should an accident unexpectedly happen, there is always someone close at hand to provide first aid.

Employee experience survey

We believe in the importance of measuring employee satisfaction, experience and engagement at Naktuinbouw so we can respond adequately where needed. We conduct an extensive employee experience survey every four years. In the interim period, we monitor the experiences of our employees using smaller-scale surveys.

The 2023 measurement focused on reducing the work pressure (experience), improving information provided by the management, and engagement in continuous change. These organisation-wide themes will continue to receive attention from management level. They are aware of the causes behind the lower satisfaction ratings for these components and are making targeted improvements.

Valuable contact with former employees

We are a social organisation that devotes personal attention to the employees. We see great value in maintaining contact with former employees. In June, we organised an event for former employees who had worked at Naktuinbouw until they retired. They were briefly updated on new developments at Naktuinbouw and then enjoyed sharing happy memories and catching up.