Internal list

A vegetable variety that is solely intended for marketing to so-called third countries (non EU member states), does not need to be registered for inclusion in the EU common catalogue.

About the variety test

Instead of listing in the EU you can apply for registration in Naktuinbouw's internal list.

Conditions for registration on the Internal List

  • Seed is marketed outside the EU.
  • Registration of country or marketing area is no longer mandatory.
  • You can only apply for varieties which are not listed in the EU or in application for listing in the EU.
  • Registration of the correct breeders' reference is mandatory.
  • Inclusion on the internal Naktuinbouw list is for a period of five years.
  • After five years renewal is possible with another period of five years.
  • The proposed denomination complies with the CPVO Guidelines for variety denominations. 
  • Vegetable crops for which registration within the EU is not obligate can not be included in the Internal List of Naktuinbouw.  

See news item of December 2021.