American Plant Breeders' Rights, technical examination

To apply for American Plant Breeders' Rights (Certificates of Protection), the applicant must submit a technical examination report to the Plant Variety Protection Office (CPVO) in the USA.

About the variety test

The technical report includes the following:

  • breeding history
  • statement of distinctness
  • an objective variety description
  • additional descriptive information
  • statement of the declaration of ownership
  • With tuber propagated varieties- verification that a cell culture is available

Naktuinbouw can perform the technical examination: draw up an objective description of the variety and indicate its distinctness compared to the best comparable variety/varieties. 


The PVPO has a list for most crops of the characteristics that must be described. These are often different characteristics than those in the UPOV guidelines. Naktuinbouw cannot make the actual application.