Harmorescoll wants to support resistance testing for DUS research

News publication date: 20 December 2021

Harmorescoll wants to improve resistance tests for DUS research in Europe. The project's second online annual meeting was held last November.


Reference materials for resistance tests

Harmorescoll aims to improve the availability of reference materials (controls, differentials, isolates) in DUS resistance tests. CPVO is co-financing the project. Once a year, all participants of the project meet to discuss the progress and to set the goals for the next period. The second-year annual meeting was in November 2021, online, with 22 attendants.

What has been discussed?

  • The rules for managing the future network and harmonized procedures for validation and delivery are almost finalized.
  • An online information portal should be developed in a few months.
  • The inventory and availability of reference materials and candidate material for validation. Once fully defined, experimental tests will start in 2022.
  • The future repartition of reference materials among official collections is underway.


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