Varietal trueness/varietal purity

Naktuinbouw has facilities to perform a range of tests on plant varieties. The varieties can be grown and described and samples can be tested for varietal trueness, varietal purity and other characteristics indicated by the company submitting the samples.

About the variety test

Naktuinbouw regularly invites the companies to visit the trials accompanied by Naktuinbouw employees at a time that enables a good assessment of the plants. After the tests, Naktuinbouw will provide a written assessment report.

The Naktuinbouw inspector can also sample lots, to provide an assessment of the entire lot of seed or plants. The costs for sampling will be invoiced separately.

The costs for this determination test depend on the number of plants required. A standard number is usually sufficient to be able to determine varietal trueness, but for the determination of varietal purity twice the number of plants is preferable.

A test run under artificial light in the winter period is also available for onions, beetroot and carrots.

If you think that DNA testing is necessary to establish the identity of material, Naktuinbouw can also provide this service. The outcome of the combination of DNA testing and testing at the trial facility is often recognised in a legal cases. Naktuinbouw Variety Tracer is ready to help you.

Fewer seed treatments accepted by the departments of  Inspections and Variety Testing: Pay attention to treated seeds

Until now, submitted seed samples treated with insecticides or with Thiram are not accepted by the departments for Inspection and Variety Testing. In addition, pills and primed seeds are not accepted, unless in specific cases. Due to revised EU implementing regulations, additional seed treatments can no longer be accepted.
For an actual overview see: ENG- Acceptance seed treatments Variety Testing (version 3).


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