Listing and Plant Breeders’ Rights testing

Naktuinbouw performs DUS testing on your vegetable crop to enable varieties to be listed on the List of Varieties or to obtain Plant Breeders’ Rights for a variety. DUS stands for Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability. Naktuinbouw has been tasked to perform this testing by the Board for Plant Varieties or the CPVO.

About the test

DUS testing is necessary to obtain listing of a variety on the European List of Varieties (common catalogue) or to obtain Dutch Plant Breeders’ Rights. One test can obtain listing on both (simultaneously). If you have technical questions about this topic, you can use our Helpdesk.

Requirements for submission

You must submit the necessary forms and plant material. The table Submission requirements for varieties of vegetable crops () shows:

  • the final date for submitting an application
  • the corresponding final date for submitting the plant material
  • the requirements demanded of the identity sample (crop-specific)

Also read the general submission requirements for plant material.


Naktuinbouw has been tasked to perform DUS testing by the Board for Plant Varieties and the CPVO.

General information about the procedures can be found on the websites of the Board for Plant Varieties and the CPVO.

Please submit your application to the Board for Plant Varieties. You will find all necessary forms and information on the website of the Board for Plant Varieties:

  • the application form
  • the TQ (the technical questionnaire of the crop concerned)
  • the submission requirements (final submission date for the application and for the material)


To protect your variety using European Plant Breeders’ Rights, apply for testing at the CPVO or apply for Dutch Plant Breeders’ Rights at the Board for Plant Varieties and have the report subsequently adopted by the CPVO. If you apply directly to the CPVO, you can indicate on the TQ (technical questionnaire) that you wish to have the test performed by Naktuinbouw.