Variety descriptions relocated to the website of the Dutch Board for Plant Varieties

News publication date: 25 June 2020

As from 15 June the variety descriptions are linked to the varieties which are included in the Dutch Variety Register (NRR). From now on, in the NRR you can go to the variety descriptions and/or related pictures.

Rassenonderzoek Bloem

On the website of the Dutch Board for Plant Varieties you can consult the variety descriptions via the Dutch Variety Register (NRR).

After selecting the variety and a click through to the variety data, you will find the variety descriptions and/or pictures. It is also possible to download the variety descriptions as PDF. This concerns the variety descriptions plus any pictures (of particularly ornamentals) of varieties which were included in the NRR as from 2009.

The link with the NRR enhances the user-friendliness. In the past, for the consultation of the variety description you needed to go back to the Naktuinbouw website. Now, companies, colleague-examination offices, the Dutch Board and Naktuinbouw are able to seach for varieties and consult the variety descriptions in a user-friendly way, directly via the website of the Board.

As about 120 variety descriptions are drafted each month, we are glad that it was possible to automize this process together with the relocation. This saves a lot of time.

We do not hope it, but you might detect a bug. It is also possible that you see an improvement. The Dutch Board appreciates it to receive your remarks via the contact form on the website.