Successful completion of international training course on Plant Breeders' Rights

News publication date: 09 December 2022

On Monday 12 December, we will present the certificates online to the participants of the international training course Plant Breeder's Rights for Food Security and Economic Development. This concludes this training after more than two months.

Online PBR Course in Naktuinbouw Academy

The training is about the importance of a Plant Breeder's Right, the ins and outs of the UPOV system, the administrative side, the executive side (DUS principles and research), the European Community PBR system and the enforcement of Plant Breeders' Rights. Fifteen participants from seven countries (Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mexico, Dominican Republic and the Netherlands) immersed themselves in these topics over the past two months.

E-learnings, Masterclasses en live sessions

The participants took in most of the teaching material via the Naktuinbouw Academy, our online learning platform. In addition, there were live Masterclasses in which prominent people in their field explain certain topics in more detail. There was also a plenary online session every week in which the course material was discussed in more detail and in which there was sufficient room for questions and discussion. As a final piece, the participants presented a Road Map per country: an inventory of the bottlenecks for a well-functioning Plant Breeders' Rights system in their own country and an improvement plan. 

The training started at the beginning of October. On Monday 12 December, we will present the certificates to the participants online. This formally concludes the training for 2022. 

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