New: introductory training about working with the Digital Seed Atlas

News publication date: 01 December 2021

On wednesday 9 February 2022, the English introductory training on the use of the Digital Seed Atlas is being organised. The training is given online.

In this training you will learn how plant species are classified and how they are named. You will learn about the structure of seeds and fruits and practice using the necessary terms for the parts we can distinguish. You will learn to independently consult books and websites that will help you to find the correct name for the (flower) seeds and fruits.

Photos and samples of different types of seeds and fruits support this introduction. We also discuss whether and when material is still germinating and can grow into a new plant.

English training on 9 February 2022

The training is for laboratory technicians and employees who start with the identification of seeds. Other interested parties can also participate. No specific prior knowledge is required.

More information?

Look at the informationpage of this training. On that page you will also find the registration form.