New ELISA’s for plant material of horticultural crops

News publication date: 22 November 2021

To support the sector, Naktuinbouw Laboratories continues to introduce new tests that can support diagnosis of plants with symptoms or, on the other hand, check for and guarantee absence of certain viruses. We are introducing new ELISA’s for detection of EMDV, ErLV and TYMV in plant material of horticultural crops.

ELISA plaat


Eggplant mottled dwarf virus (EMDV) has a broad host-plant range and occurs in crops like eggplant, tomato and cucumber, but the virus also induces symptoms in e.g. Hibiscus, Pittosporum and Pelargonium. Although the virus is mainly reported from the Mediterranean area, it is recently also found further north in Hydrangea. As far as known, EMDV is not seed transmitted. In some cases a EMDV test is needed for export.

Turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV, Tymovirus) infects mostly name Brassicaceae and – as far as known – it is not seed transmitted. The TYMV ELISA also detects closely related virus species, like Watercress white vein virus (WWVV/TYMV related virus), that also causes symptoms in Erysimum.

Erysimum latent virus (ErLV) is also a Tymovirus and infects mainly Brassicaceae, like e.g. Arabis and Erysimum.

New tests for plant material horticultura crops

  • EMDV, ErLV or TYMV/WWVV in plant material
    • Sample: maximum of 2 leaves
    • Rate test: € 2,60
    • Time span test: 4 days

* For basic fees see Price list Laboratories 2022.