Management GEVES visits Naktuinbouw

News publication date: 16 March 2023

GEVES visited Naktuinbouw on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 March. GEVES is our fellow Plant Breeders' Rights research station in France.
During the visit, the delegation will be given a tour of both the greenhouses for the variety testing and the laboratories.

Bezoek Geves

The last meeting was held in 2018. In that, Naktuinbouw visited Angers. The management of GEVES talks with the management of Naktuinbouw about the cooperation in the field of DUS testing and the cooperation of the laboratories. In addition, various projects are on the agenda, such as DNA, electrophoresis and disease resistance. International cooperation with organizations such as UPOV and the CPVO is also discussed. An important part of the visit is the tour of the greenhouses of the Variety Center and, where possible, the laboratory facilities.

To reinforce the collaboration, GEVES and Naktuinbouw signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the visit.

MoU Geves-Naktuinbouw







Photo: Alain Tridon, director of Geves, and John van Ruiten, director of Naktuinbouw, sign the Memorandum of Understanding.