Invoicing examination costs upon withdrawal of national applications changed

News publication date: 27 February 2023

From 1 January 2023 the Board for plant varieties will follow the CPVO's system for invoicing examination costs when national applications are withdrawn.

DUS onderzoek Anjer

When national applications for listing and/or plant breeders’ rights in the Netherlands are withdrawn, we will follow this procedure:

For 1st year examinations

  • Withdrawal before or on the final closing date, or before or on the last day of the submission period: 25% of the examination costs will be charged.
  • Withdrawal after the final closing date or after the last day of the submission period: 100% of the examination costs will be charged.

For 2nd or 3rd year examinations

  • Withdrawals made more than 1 month before the submission deadline: no costs will be charged.
  •  Withdrawals made within 1 month before the final submission date material of that crop: 25% of the examination costs of the 2nd or 3rd year will be charged.
  • Withdrawals made after the final submission date of material of that crop: 100% of the examination costs of the 2nd or 3rd year will be charged.

An exception are national applications examined by a foreign research institute. If these national applications are withdrawn, we will charge the costs charged to us by the foreign research institute.

In this way, we adopt a uniform working method

We believe this makes it clear to you as an applicant what costs you can expect when withdrawing a national application. This also ensures that the costs incurred by Naktuinbouw in preparation for the DUS examination are reimbursed.