Focus on our English-language training courses in week 16

News publication date: 01 February 2023

We are happy to share our specialist knowledge with the sector, both nationally and internationally. That is why we are organising another English-language training week in April.

Medewerker Naktuinbouw geeft training Bedrijfshygiëne

Peter van Enckevort works as the coordinator and lead auditor of International Systems at Naktuinbouw. He is also a trainer for several Naktuinbouw courses. He regularly visits laboratories, plant breeders, seed breeders and producers nationally and internationally. In recent years, Peter noticed a growing need for training in the field of plant health inspections at companies. “These clients are companies active across all horticulture sectors. Most of them participate in Naktuinbouw’s quality plus systems, such as NAL, ASLN, Elite and NAFI. Phytosanitary knowledge and competences in the field of sampling are essential for all these companies. That is why Naktuinbouw offers a proven training program in English on all of these topics.”

Three training courses in one week: Company Hygiene, Plant Sampling and Seed Sampling

The first edition of a similar English-language training course week took place in April 2019. There were participants from Chile, Israel, Guatemala, Poland, Denmark and Germany. All training course content is based on daily practice. “Participants perform practical assignments and take exams at Naktuinbouw. This offers immense added value," says Peter. “The participants came from all over the world. This diversity of background created an exceptional and positive group dynamic and resulted in valuable interaction between the participants."

A whole week of training courses in English, 17 - 21 April 2023

“The first edition in 2019 was highly rated and very much appreciated”,  says training advisor Ellis Visser. “Let me share some quotes with you from our participants evaluation input: ‘Everything was explained clearly and in an easy way’; ‘Practical to understand and remember’; ‘There was a lot of interaction and not only dry theoretical information’. And: ‘Eye opener and creates awareness’. Since the first editon in 2019 we have received many requests for a second version. This made us decide to organize another English-language training week in April 2023!”

1. Company Hygiene - 17, 19 and 21 April 2023 

2. Professional Plant Sampling - 18 April and the examination on 19 April 2023

3. Professional Seed Sampling - 20 April and the examination on 21 April 2023