EU audit plant passport

News publication date: 08 July 2022

In March, the EU carried out an audit in the Netherlands aimed at the implementation of the new plant passport. Naktuinbouw and all other inspection services were closely involved in the programme. The NVWA coordinated the audit. The draft report of the audit was recently published.

EU audit plantenpaspoort

On the basis of the information provided and the visits to a number of companies, the auditors were able to get a good picture of how EU rules are being complied with.

The draft report of the audit was recently published

Broadly speaking, the picture is positive, but of course there are always points for improvement. These points relate in particular to:

  • the authorisation of companies when issuing the plant passport.
  • on the disclosure of knowledge about diseases and pests for the benefit of authorized companies.¬†

The NVWA is preparing a response together with the inspection services. They also draw up an action plan to improve the points where possible.