CPVO delegation visits Naktuinbouw

News publication date: 16 May 2022

Last Wednesday, a delegation from the CPVO (Community Plant Variety Office) visited Naktuinbouw. We were delighted to receive our client for European Plant Breeders' Rights research in the Netherlands and to show how we carry out the DUS testing in the Variety Center.

CPVO Variety Center

Francesco Mattina was also present at the visit. He is the new chairman of the CPVO since 1 February. As an agency of the European Union, the CPVO is responsible for granting European Plant Breeders' Rights. Naktuinbouw conducts almost 1,000 tests per year for the CPVO, making it the largest DUS station for the CPVO. An important part of the conversation is the so-called 'cooperation' report from the previous year (2021) with the following activities:

  • the performance of the DUS tests
  • the participation of Naktuinbouw employees in CPVO/UPOV meetings
  • takeover of reports
  • naming issues
  • ICT and research projects

We are proud to see that Naktuinbouw's efforts are valued very positively.