Who uses the services of Naktuinbouw?

The companies registered with Naktuinbouw are plant breeders, plant propagators and plant growers.

What is a plant breeder?

A breeder creates a new plant variety. One of the ways this is done is by crossing existing varieties in order to create a new variety. During the crossing process, the breeder adds new traits to a plant such as colour, scent or multiple blooms. This is a lengthy process that can take years. In recent years many novel breeding tools have also been utilised to develop new varieties.

What is a plant propagator?

A propagator creates more plants from propagating material using the seed production of the mother plant or in vitro culture techniques. A breeder can also be a plant propagator.

What is a plant grower?

A grower raises plants grown from seed, tissue culture or cuttings. A grower ensures that the seedlings or seeds from the propagator are grown on into larger plants to cultivate crops such as cut flowers or vegetable plants such as tomatoes or sweet peppers.