Making material virus-free

Plant material has long since proven its value for growers and producers. Many customers also know this and specifically ask for virus-free material when buying trees or plants. Because we use healthy propagating material and a controlled production process, we supply our fruit trees with a certificate that provides the customer with more certainty as to their quality. Viral diseases cannot be controlled using chemical or other methods. The only way to contain the problem is to use virus-free trees.

About the test

Virusvrije onderstammen











The Test Centre works on behalf of breeders, variety owners and companies that have permission to propagate a fruit variety or rootstock. The customer brings material of a variety along to the Test Centre in winter or summer. An initial screening at the laboratory often reveals that a viral infection is present. Varieties are made virus-free by applying a technique involving heat and micrografting. We perform a series of tests to determine whether the process of making the material virus-free has been successful. The whole process is time-consuming and takes several years, giving the customer ample time to apply for Plant Breeders' Rights, for example. The identity of the new material also needs to be re-established, which is particularly important in the case of colour mutants of apple varieties.

Once the virus-free material has been made, the Test Centre offers a maintenance service. This involves storing single pre-basic mother trees under carefully controlled conditions, thus maintaining their virus-free status over a long period of time. Pre-basic material is used for further propagation steps in the production process.


In our Price list Laboratories 2022 you will find details of the fees for the various tests we can perform for you in a range of areas.


To submit a new variety, please contact the Test Centre in Horst directly. On this form you will be asked to provide information that will enable us to start working on your variety straight away. For each order we draw up an agreement stating that the virus-free variety always remains the property of the customer. You can be assured that we will carry out the order with the greatest of care and will keep your information confidential.