Import registration

In order to have an import inspection performed, you must be registered with the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). To register, visit the NVWA website registration.

About the inspection

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) registers importers of plant products in a central database. All import inspections take place at the point of entry to the EU. In the Netherlands, this means the airports and the sea ports. An exception is made for recognised inspection locations within the country's borders.  An import inspection can therefore be relocated to these locations. The NVWA assesses recognised import locations.


European trade directives apply within each sector in horticulture. The terms of these directives must be taken into account. Directive 2002/55/EG and 2008/72/EG are basis for vegetables.

The policy regulations and inspection regulations for the Netherlands are embedded in the Seeds and Planting Materials Act. This legislation is contained in the Inspection Regulations Naktuinbouw Your propagating material must be accompanied by a delivery note/suppliers document according to European legislation. The information stated on these documents must comply with the provisions. Propagating material rejected by our inspections must not be traded.

The packing date

The packing date must be stated on packets of vegetable and flower seeds.

The following details are important:

  • Year of packing
  • The year following the above

E.g., packed in 2017 should state: 2017/2018.

On small packets, this information can be stated as a code. Each year, Naktuinbouw generates a code for the year in question.

  • The packing code for 2017: M or 9
  • The packing code for 2018: H or 7

Packets stating the following year’s code may only be traded from 1 January in that particular year. Packing the seeds earlier and labelling them in this way is permitted.


Importers can register with the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). Make sure you have your Chamber of Commerce registration number, or your citizen service number (BSN), handy. After you have been registered by the NVWA, Naktuinbouw can access your details. If you have decided to have the import inspection performed on your own site, you must apply for approval. An approved and recognised import location can be linked to a registered importer. The importer then becomes an inspection location holder.


The Naktuinbouw board establishes our inspection fees each year. The fees are subsequently approved by the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The costs are charged based on the cost-maker cost-bearer principle. The fees for inspection can be found here Rates/fees.


There are various ways to register for import. You can register as an importer with the NVWA, and it is possible to assess or extend approval of a recognised inspection location.

At Naktuinbouw, it is possible for an importer to be linked to an approved inspection location.