Naktuinbouw Elite Pome Fruit

If your propagating material of fruit trees or fruit tree rootstock complies with higher quality or health standards, it can be considered eligible for certain certificates. In cooperation with the fruit tree and fruit tree rootstock sector, Naktuinbouw has developed a quality-plus system that enable growers to demonstrate the added value or superior quality.

About the inspection

The basic principles of this Naktuinbouw Elite system are derived from EU directives governing fruit. These directives came into force on 1 January 2017 and apply to the whole of the European Union.

The conditions of Naktuinbouw Elite Pome Fruit place higher standards on companies and their trees or rootstock. If all the requirements are met, the material may be traded with a certificate and an Elite label.

The Naktuinbouw Elite certificate confirms the higher quality level of your stock. This can apply to the entire company or to an entire lot. The propagating material originates from a source recognised by Naktuinbouw. The certificate offers assurances for good growth and disease-free stock, which will give you increased production and higher profits.

Registered companies in Elite Pome Fruit operate a quality assurance system that safeguards the origin, propagation process, cultivation and company hygiene. This means that Naktuinbouw Elite Pome Fruit certified material represents added value and certainty in every respect for propagators and buyers. 

Naktuinbouw Elite Pome Fruit is for fruit trees and fruit tree rootstocks.


The standards and conditions that Naktuinbouw Elite participants must comply with are described in the Regulations Pome Fruit certification. The stringent standards relate to the quality and health of the propagating material, but also to the operational practice at your company. Companies are audited every three years to verify continued compliance with all the conditions.


In order to participate in Naktuinbouw Elite Pome Fruit, companies must first sign an agreement with Naktuinbouw. If your company meets the standards and conditions you may trade propagating material within the framework of the Naktuinbouw Elite Pome Fruit quality-plus system.

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