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Register now for the training course Seed Identification

Publicatiedatum: 2 augustus 2023

Our three days training course Seed Identification will be organized on 6-8th November 2023. Registration has been opened and is possible till September 1st 2023. There are still a few places available.

How do you see the difference between the seeds of 693 different species from 105 plant families that are mentioned at the most recent ISTA list? Two third of these species belong to nine major families. In this training course, those families will be introduced that represent the majority of the seeds from the ISTA list of stabilized plant names.

The aim of the training course is to improve the identification of seeds that are found as impurities in seed samples. A first step in seed identification is the recognition of the plant family based on the composition of the diaspore, making it possible to consult efficiently seed reference collections and seed atlases for a final identification.

The lecturers of the course are prof. dr. René T.J. Cappers and dr. ir. Renée M. Bekker, Biological Archaeological Innovation centre, Groningen.

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