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Naktuinbouw replaces ELISA for PCR

Publicationdate: 1 mei 2024

From the second half of 2024, Naktuinbouw will gradually replace the ELISA tests on plant material for PCR. This is usually done by family. Once alle virus tests for a family (or crop) can be tested using PCR, the ELISA test can no longer be requested for this. By switching from ELISA to PCR per family, it is clear to everyone with which uniform method the tests will be performed.

Why will the testing method change?

There are a number of reasons why Naktuinbouw is going to phase out the ELISA tests:

  • There is decreasing availability of good ELISA antibodies that meet Naktuinbouw quality criteria. This leads to more repetitions of tests and delays in test results.
  • PCR is more robust than ELISA tests. Samples may consist of more leaves than ELISA, but we also continue to offer the services for 2 leaves.
  • More automation and robotization is possible with PCR, leading to certainty of capacity and lead times.
  • Beginning and/or latent infections are measurable, which cannot be detected with ELISA.
  • Simplification of sampling by uniform testing method. This eliminates the need to take separate samples for different viruses (except for Potyvirus).

An additional advantage, PCR allows for faster response to the discovery of new pathogens.

Read in our last newsitem the difference between ELISA and PCR.

Naktuinbouw Laboratories supports the sector

To support the sector, Naktuinbouw Laboratories continues to develop new PCR tests. These tests support a correct diagnosis of plants with symptoms or checking for and guaranteeing freedom from certain pathogens.

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