Professional Plant Sampling

How do you know if your plant samples represent the lot? What can you tell about the reliability of the sampling? What kind of methods do you use?

This English training on plant sampling raises awareness of how sampling can affect the test results. At the end of the training you know and have practiced to take representative samples. The sampling process (hygiene, method, craftsmanship) is of great importance to reliable test results. In the end you will be able to take plant samples in the scheme of NAFI, NAL, ASLN and Elite guidelines.

Starting date: June 2024


Target group

Prospective employees involved in plant sampling (incl. supervisors and team leaders). Also experienced employees (managers) looking for improvement on the companies sampling process within the own company.

The training ends with a practice exam. Passing the exam leads to certificate for qualified plant sampling officer NAL/ASLN, Elite and GSPP.

Date and location

Duration: 1 training day and next day skills and proficiency check, (1 hour participant-trainer.)
Date: June 2024
Classroom time: 08.30 till 16.30 hours.
Location: Naktuinbouw, Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands.


A mix of theoretical introductions and practical assignments and discussions. You can share knowledge and experience how to improve the quality and reliability of a plant sample. The course will be given in English.

Training subjects:

  • Relevant plant sampling aspects
  • Pitfalls of the sampler and sampling process
  • Definition and content of the samples
  • Plant Sampling process
  • Company Hygiene in the sampling process
  • Quality guidelines NAFI/NAL/ASLN, Elite, GSPP
  • Sampling plans and records
  • Practical: taking Samples in accordance with quality guidelines

Certificate: After a successful and satisfying test result (exam), you will receive a certificate.

2024 Training fee: costs have to be determined

This fee includes course related costs such as materials, exam, catering and administration, but excludes board and lodging and VAT.

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