DUS Internships

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On many occasions colleagues from DUS stations from all over the world inquire about the possibility to stay for a period of time at Naktuinbouw in the Netherlands. The aim is to gain practical knowledge on the testing of ornamental varieties on Distinction, Uniformity and Stability according to the UPOV system.

After careful consideration and in the light of a Dutch contribution to the UPOV community it has been decided to open this possibility for interested colleagues who are working on DUS in their own country.


Naktuinbouw is the Dutch inspection service for horticulture with responsibilities for the quality and phytosanitary control of plant propagating material and is responsible for DUS testing of all varieties of ornamental, vegetable and agricultural crops  (2500 new varieties annually). We do this for four purposes:

  • Community Plant Variety Rights on behalf of the European Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO in Angers, France)
  • Plant Breeder's Rights in the Netherlands on behalf of the Dutch Board for Plant varieties
  • Through bilateral agreements for other UPOV member states
  • For entry of agricultural and vegetable varieties on the Dutch National List, again on behalf of the Dutch Board for Plant varieties.

The Netherlands with its long experience in breeding agricultural and horticultural crops and expertise on Plant Breeders’ Rights and variety registration, was one of the founding members of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV). Naktuinbouw therefore is an attractive partner to assist with the introduction and practical implementation of Plant Breeders’ Rights.

Naktuinbouw is based in Roelofarendsveen in the Western part of the Netherlands close to the international airport Amsterdam/Schiphol.
Read more and or watch films about Naktuinbouw on this page.

As a major DUS station Naktuinbouw is active in technical discussions in UPOV and CPVO, Naktuinbouw staff participates as tutors in the UPOV distant learning course, Naktuinbouw runs the annual two week  Plant Variety Protection (PVP) course in Wageningen for participants from new and future UPOV member states, Naktuinbouw is involved in projects to assist countries with an emerging PVP system in developing the DUS testing system and matters related to the granting of Plant Breeders’  Rights and Naktuinbouw has an online help desk to assist colleagues with practical problems they encounter during their DUS work.

What do we offer

Naktuinbouw offers to share its expertise with two colleagues a year from abroad who are invited to spend a period of maximum two weeks (period to be chosen by the participant) in Roelofarendsveen to study the methods Naktuinbouw applies in DUS tests for ornamentals and vegetables. As the agricultural trials are in other parts of the country, the DUS testing of agricultural crops unfortunately falls outside this offer.

By working side by side with the Dutch colleagues, all different aspects of DUS testing from administration, management of reference collections, sample management, trial planning, observations, descriptions and archiving can all be part of the internship. Together we can design the most desired program.

In Roelofarendsveen close to the office Naktuinbouw has a comfortable fully equipped lodging available, free of charge. Naktuinbouw offers also a daily allowance of € 25.00 and expects our colleagues to prepare their own meals. Naturally a typical Dutch bicycle is part of the package so you can explore the area around Roelofarendsveen.

What do we expect

We expect our temporary colleague to be enthusiastic about the work, open-minded, flexible, curious, willing to do practical work, fluently English speaking.

We expect the employer of our temporary colleague to continue to pay the normal wages, travel costs to and from the Netherlands and health and other insurances.

Naktuinbouw expects the employer to bear all liability for its employee and that the trainee is here at his or her own risk.

Depending on the country of origin a temporary work permit and or residence permit is necessary. Naktuinbouw will assist to obtain such documents, but it is up to the candidate to obtain these.