Naktuinbouw checks the identity, health and quality of your propagating material in the floricultural sector. We are an independent organisation performing inspections according to Dutch and European legislation.

I am producing in the Netherlands

As a producer, you naturally want your propagating material to comply with the legal standards. Naktuinbouw monitors and promotes the quality of propagating material in the floriculture sector. Each company that wants to market and trade is under the obligation to have its material inspected by Naktuinbouw.

I am importing or exporting propagating material

Naktuinbouw performs phytosanitary import inspections on behalf of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). Registered companies can request these inspections.

I want to demonstrate higher quality using a certificate

If your propagating material complies with higher quality or health standards, it can be granted certification. Our inspectors can issue a Naktuinbouw quality mark that confirms that your material or laboratory has been inspected several times and complies with the stricter standards.