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How do I register as a Naktuinbouw customer?

To register as a Naktuinbouw customer to use our Variety Testing services, please complete this form.

How do I sign up for a training?

On the page where the training is explained you will find a sign-up button. You click here, leave the appropriate data and complete your order. Now the registration is complete. After registration you will receive an email confirming your registration.  

What can I do with the Naktuinbouw Academy?

The Naktuinbouw Academy is our online learning platform. This platform is a catalogue with all trainings and courses and gives you access to all information related to the training for which you are registered. Any preparation assignments and digital reference work are offered via this platform. 

At the end of each training you can fill in an evaluation form via the Academy. This is to improve our training courses. 

After your training you can also download the obtained certificate of participation from the Academy. 

How do I gain access to the Naktuinbouw Academy?

As soon as you have registered for a training course, you will receive information by email to log in via the Naktuinbouw Academy. About one to two weeks before the training starts you will get access to the information to prepare for the training. As soon as this information is available in the Naktuinbouw Academy, you will receive an email about this. 

How long will my account be active and can I view my data?

You will have access to the Naktuinbouw Academy for approximately 3 months. This access will start as soon as the information of the training for which you have registered is available. 3 months later your account will be set to inactive. Until then it is possible to consult available information and download your certificate.

Do I have to pay for a training right away?

No, after registration you will receive a confirmation via email. If you do not yet have a customer number with Naktuinbouw you will be asked to register. Your customer number with the corresponding data will be used to send the invoice. Invoicing will take place approximately one month to one week before the training. 

What can I do if I can NOT participate on the date I registered myself?

See our cancellation conditions. It is possible to have another colleague register for the training in your place.  

I already have an account at Naktuinbouw Academy. How can I register myself for a new training?

If you already have a Naktuinbouw Academy account that is still active, you can place an order through the catalogue after logging in to the Academy. If you previously had an account that is no longer active, you can ask for the account to be reactivated via e-mail. 

What options are available for providing an existing training at our own location (in-company)?

For a large portion of the training sessions, it is possible to offer them in-company. During a conversation, we would like to discuss your preferences and possibilities and provide you with a quotation. Could you please send us a message by e-mail?

What options are available for providing tailor-made training sessions at our own location (in-company)?

If you are interested in implementing a customized training session in your company, such as a combination of existing training programs, this is possible. Please send us a message by e-mail.

What is the address of Naktuinbouw?

The address of the main office (and also training location) is: 

Sotaweg 22, PO Box 40

2370 AA Roelofarendsveen

Can I park for free at Naktuinbouw?

There are plenty of free parking spaces available for visitors. 

Can I charge my electric car at Naktuinbouw?

For visitors there are charging stations available in the parking lot. Please follow the signs. 

Is Naktuinbouw easy to reach by public transport?

Naktuinbouw is not in a direct line to public transport. There are several bus stops nearby, the walking distance is about 17 min. 

Train stations closest to Roelofarendsveen are: Nieuw-Vennep and Leiden Central Station. 

How can I pass on dietary requirements?

If you are offered lunch or dinner during a training course, you can pass on your dietary requirements. Please do this no later than three working days in advance. This can be done via e-mail.