Quality inspection

Naktuinbouw monitors the quality of propagating material in the arboriculture sector. We are an independent organisation that performs inspections in accordance with Dutch and European legislation. We are tasked to perform these duties by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

About the inspection

Producers of propagating material are responsible for the quality of their products. Naktuinbouw monitors the operational management of registered companies. We examine various aspects: administrative records, company hygiene, the company's own quality inspections and the traceability of the product.

Naktuinbouw's inspectors check the quality of your propagating material for varietal purity, varietal trueness, health and external quality. The inspections comprise regular visits to the company, audits of administrative records and random testing. If standard propagating material complies with the minimum standards required by European and Dutch legislation, it may be traded.


European trade directives apply within each sector in horticulture. The terms of these directives must be taken into account. Directive 1999/105/EG (forestry), 2008/90/EG (fruits) and 98/56/EG (ornamentals) are the basis for arboriculture.

The policy regulations and inspection regulations for the Netherlands are embedded in the Seeds and Planting Materials Act. This legislation is contained in the Inspection Regulations Naktuinbouw Your propagating material must be accompanied by a delivery note/suppliers document according to European legislation. The information stated on these documents must comply with the provisions. Propagating material rejected by our inspections must not be traded.


In order to trade propagating material you must register with Naktuinbouw. Each year, you complete the plot declaration. We will then plan the inspections at your company. An inspector will visit your company on the date agreed and perform the inspection on site. With a standard quality inspection, we establish whether your material complies with the minimum standards required for varietal purity, varietal trueness, health and quality. As the producer, you are responsible for the quality of the propagating material supplied. Naktuinbouw monitors compliance through periodic inspections.


The Naktuinbouw board establishes our inspection fees each year. The fees are subsequently approved by the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The costs are charged based on the cost-maker cost-bearer principle. The fees for inspection can be found here Rates/fees.


If you intend to market or trade propagating material, it must be inspected beforehand by Naktuinbouw. It is then a legal obligation to register your company with Naktuinbouw. To register, contact the Administration Team at the Inspection department (see details below).