Fees Variety Testing 2024

To all services and products of Variety Testing the terms and conditions of Naktuinbouw apply.

You can find the fees for DUS testing on the website of the Board for Plant Varieties.

1. Vegetable crops

Fees 2024 (excl. VAT)
Outdoor growing: American Plant Breeders' rights lettuce (Lactuca sativa), new technical examination (per growth cycle)
€ 1.909,00
Greenhouse growing: American Plant Breeders' rights, all crops, technical examination, greenhouse growing (per growth cycle)
€ 2.335,00
Outdoor growing: Varietal trueness and/or varietal purity
€ 206,00
Greenhouse growing: Varietal trueness and/or varietal purity
€ 507,00
Greenhouse growing: Varietal trueness and/or varietal purity, twice as many plants
€ 1.014,00
Test under artificial light (onion, beetroot, carrot)
€ 284,00
Translation trial field report - English€ 44,00

2. Agricultural crops

Fees 2024 (excl. VAT)
Determination bolting date grasses for VCU test
€ 315,00
Verification grass varieties in row trial (forage grass)
€ 155,00

3. Ornamental, flower bulbs and arboricultural crops

Rose - We credit withdrawals of bilateral applications in rose for 75% when withdrawn before or on the final day of the submission period. When withdrawn after the final day of the submission period we will charge 100% of the testing costs. We herewith compensate the costs which have been made by Naktuinbouw.

4. Modifications/ information regarding varieties

Fees 2024 (excl. VAT)
Variety description, modification
*Plus test fee, if needed.
€ 237,00*
Variety description - Spanish version (available for pepper, tomato, lettuce and onion)
€ 277,00

5. Vegetable crops outside the EU

Fees 2024 (excl. VAT)
Internal Naktuinbouw list, application - inclusion for 5 years
€ 267,00
Internal Naktuinbouw list, renewal for 5 years
€ 267,00
Third country synonym, administrative processing€ 65,00

6. Variety Tracer

Fees 2024 (excl. VAT)
To request Variety Tracer, please fill the application form on this page of the website.According to request

7. Resistance tests

Fees 2024 (excl. VAT)
Vegetable crops
Standard resistance tests (Resistance tests), per isolate (20 plants)
€ 179,00
Resistance test lettuce with Bl: 16, 29, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39 and 40 per isolate
€ 108,00
Ornamental crops
Resistance test Chrysanthemum with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. chrysanthemi (3 plants)
€ 39,00
Resistance test Chrysanthemum with Verticillium dahliae (6 plants)
€ 51,00
Resistance test Chrysanthemum with Puccinia horiana (3 plants)
€ 39,00
Resistance test Carnation with Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi (20 plants)
€ 179,00
Isolate delivery
Pathogenic isolates (Isolates validated for resistance testing), per isolate
€ 415,00
Extra Petri-dish with a growing colony of the pathogen
€ 12,00
Extra liter of spore suspension
€ 241,00
Determination on differentials
Race determination, Bremia lactucae (20% discount for IBEB participants)
€ 442,00
Race determination, Peronospora effusa
€ 389,00
Developing a new resistance test According to request